My name is Julia O’Donovan, and I am 26 years old and I live in Northern Texas!

I grew up in southeastern Florida, and I’ve since lived in Queens, Dublin, and now the outskirts of Dallas. My favorite of all has been beautiful Dublin, with it’s charm and history.

How’d I end up in Texas? I ask myself that question, too! In 2019 Joel and I had this outlandish idea to move here, so off we went! It was an incredibly challenging move, but I’ve grown so much during my time here, which I’m so grateful for.

Though the growth has been positive, it’s made the walls of my apartment feel much closer, and now my soul is longing for something else. I need forests, frozen lakes, solitude, a sense of wonder.  I would be honored if you would join me on my next adventure!

Take care, talk to you soon!

Julia ♡

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