A Fresh Change

We just recently said goodbye to our Yule tree, and I was so sad about it! It was the best tree I could have asked for and it made my home so cozy and warm. The day we got it, I made an eyelash wish that morning for us to find the best tree that day, and we did! My eyelash wish came true 😸 I know mid-January sounds pretty late to just be letting go of the tree, but I loved having it as just decoration, since I kept it simple and minimal. 

I will admit, it does feel a lot fresher in here now that the space is cleared up. It feels like the final bit of winter is unfolding and I find myself planning new decor for spring. 

I decided that since we were putting away the more “Yule” type of decorations, I would take down the red and white bell wreath I had on my front door. I recently purchased some bamboo embroidery hoops to make those simple half-wreaths I always see on Pinterest, so I broke off some of the branches from the tree and saved the orange slices to make a new wreath! 

I simply secured it all in place with ornament hooks and tied it to the knocker with jute rope. The hoop size I used is 14in/35.5cm and I got it at Michael’s! 

The mat is here year-round but I wanted to show you anyway since I love it sooo much! 😍 I got it at Ikea last year and I don’t think I will ever part with it. Hygge is my lifeblood. 

It is difficult to stay in the winter mindset when the temps here go up into the 60s! (15°C+), but I know soon this will all change. Hopefully my next winter will be filled with snow, bonfires, cloudy days, and long, dark nights. 

I hope you’re enjoying winter wherever you are. Sending love and hugs your way ♥ Talk soon!

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