Rosemary Mint Hair Rinse

Hi lovely people!

One of the things I’ve been doing in the last month or two is making my own hair rinse with a few things in my kitchen! I love that this is super cost-efficient and easy to do. It also has a wonderful fresh earthy scent.

Here is what I use:

240ml (1 cup) filtered water

heaping ½ tsp dried rosemary (I only have dried, but use fresh if you have it, about 1.5 tsp)

¼ tsp whole flax seeds (more if you want the rinse to be more moisturizing)

1 mint tea bag

If you have oily hair, you can add in some apple cider vinegar. The rule is usually less vinegar for dry hair, more for oily hair. Start with 15ml (1 tbsp) per 240ml (1 cup). You’ll add this in after the infusion has cooled.

Put everything in a pot, turn the heat on low until you see small bubbles forming on the bottom, turn the heat off, then cover and let it steep for at least 20 minutes. I sometimes let it sit for about an hour. Give the pot a swirl every now and then to help it infuse.

Strain over a sieve and let it cool. Make sure to squeeze the tea bag to get out all of the water. Pour it over your head after cleansing your hair. Don’t rinse it out! 😊

Rosemary and mint are wonderfully invigorating for the scalp and flax seeds have a lot of mucilage so it’ll give a bit of moisture. 

I hope you give this a go! Or maybe it’ll inspire you to create your own personalized hair rinse 😊 Talk soon! 

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