Simple Winter Decor

This winter, I made my home the coziest it’s ever been. I’ve only been living in my own place for a little over a year and a half, but in that time my home has changed so much. I’m really proud about the way I’ve decorated! 😸 I like to keep it simple and natural, using homemade, upcycled, and thrifted materials as much as I can. I love the neutral Scandinavian-inspired winter decor, so that’s what I had in mind when decorating. 

I got this one at the Dallas Arboretum in 2019

For the tree, I hung some dried orange slices and salt dough ornaments I made in 2019 with my mom. We used two different cookie cutters/stamps to make the pretty design. The baubles were beard ornaments my former Irish landlady gave to me for Joel 😸 & I made the star topper from a paper grocery bag! Here is the YouTube tutorial I used ⭐

Another upcycled paper bag craft I did is this one from Linda Lomelino! I am not super crafty, but this was really easy to do and it added such a cozy touch. 

I always have a cookie container on my dining table, year round. I bought this simple greenery tin from Target for $3 (~€2.47) a year or so ago 🌿 Along with that I also love having a centerpiece. The vase is from a thrifted purchase and I filled it with some greenery that Joel and I picked at the park! I added the tree accent, which came with a plant I bought in 2019.

I thought the Viking magazine and my Fika & Hygge cookbook added a wintery look so I left those on the table. And of course, my home isn’t complete without some Fontana candles ♥

A beautiful Newbridge tealight holder gifted to me by my former Irish landlady

These are a couple of tree statues my mom gave me. I love simple, neutral, and natural winter decor, so these fit in really well! 🌲

A few months ago while Joel and I were at the park, I picked up some acorns and a stick so I could make this lovely wall hanging. I already had the jute rope and hot glue gun, so this was a super low-waste thing to make. All I did was glue the tops of the acorns to the end of the rope, then tie it to the stick. Then I added some extra bits of greenery from the centerpiece and placed them along, without any glue so I can replace it every year. For the photo on the right, all I did was take some red jute rope, tie it to some greenery, and hang it up. That’s it! 🤩

Until this winter, I had no idea that there were beautiful holly bushes just outside my apartment building! That just goes to show how little I was paying attention to the beautiful nature that was right outside my door.

I used some dried orange slices for my wreath this season, with some sprigs of the holly from outside. The berries lose their vibrant color over time, but I actually don’t mind that. I think it looks better without the bright red right next to the orange color. The wreath on the right I thrifted at Goodwill for $0.99!

When I buy decor that is new, like this lovely snowflake garland, I try to stick with things that are made with natural materials like jute, paper, wood, and cotton. 

In 2019 I thrifted a set of two of those checkered pillows from Facebook Marketplace for just $8! The tree cushion cover is from Ikea 🌲 

I’m also the type of person who loves to change my kitchen towels to fit the season, and I just love this one because it reminds me of a Swedish torp (cottage). 

For this last one, I saved a greeting card that I messed up the writing in and put it in a frame that I got for $2 at Ikea! I actually planned on keeping one whether I messed up or not because they’re so pretty 😍 The gold trees and accents are shiny which adds such a pretty touch. 

I really love decorating for the seasons. It helps get me into the mindset for the time of year and makes my home feel so cozy. I have seen some people say they no longer decorate for the seasons/holidays to be less impactful on the environment, or because they adapted to a minimalist lifestyle, and while they have good intentions, I think that a balance can be made. I consider myself a homemaker, so decorating is something I love doing during the year. As I’ve shown, you can absolutely make your home cozy in a way that doesn’t add very much to the pollution problem. Upcycling, thrifting, reusing, and making intentional, conscious purchases are ways of doing that. You’re allowed to have fun and enjoy life! To me there is no sense in going mad to protect the environment – your wellbeing is important, too. Like I said, a balance can be made 😊

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a lovely day/evening ♥ Talk soon! 

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