What I’ve Been Up To Lately

February has been kind of mental for me. Mercury Retrograde started on January 30th, which I started feeling really quickly. My website had some technical issues, my floor lamp was flickering the other day (which it has never done before and the bulb is still new), my salt lamp flickered last night, and the wire on my fairy lights broke. Thankfully I had another set of fairy lights so I restored the hygge immediately! 😄 I think I may be extra-affected by the retrograde since I’m a Virgo sun, and Virgo is ruled by Mercury… AND Mercury was in the sign of Virgo when I was born. I hope you’re still with me 😅

Along with the tech issues, communication has been weird. Long story short, Joel told me he’s not ready to move up north since work is going so well. He wants to advance his career as a massage therapist which I love and admire. 

But I was fixated on moving out of this apartment. When I realized that wasn’t going to happen I felt like my dream future was gone. I took a couple of days to let the grief run it’s course and then I somehow started shifting from reactivity to proactivity. What sparked that was seeing a tiny house post on Pinterest, which got me to think “If I want to live my own life I need to build my own tiny house”. But unfortunately, that would be too costly to do on my own, and I think at that point I was still upset and just wanted to be by myself. Now that I’ve cooled down and have gotten level-headed again, I’ve realized, why don’t Joel and I build a tiny house together here in Texas? He’s wanted to do that for as long as we’ve been together, and even though I’ve gone back and forth about it, it was really dependent on my situation at the time of my life. So without getting too much more into it, that’s our current plan! Which is of course subject to change, as is everything.

Sleepy 😴


So, that’s what has been going on recently for me! But in reality, a lot of the goings-on happen in my head. Trying to overcome fears, improve my health, forge better thought patterns, etc. My life at the moment is rather uneventful on the outside, but I know one day soon I’ll be able to let out all of this energy and use it in a constructive way. 

I hope February is going well for you, and that Mercury Retrograde isn’t affecting you too much! 😄 Sending love your way ♥ Talk soon!

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