Infinite Paths

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the bottomless ocean of possibilities and options in life? Too many places to see, too many people to love, too many languages to learn, too many passions to pursue in this one life. I would never wish for immortality, but I often wish I had enough time to see all these endeavors through. 

Dwelling on the impermanence of life can be a waste of time, but it helps give me the push I need to get off my ass and go do the things I want. I don’t know if I’ll die next year or in 60 years, so with that in mind I’m pushing myself to be more of a “yes” person and break out of the cage that I have myself built. At the end of my life, and even at the end of the day I’d rather think “I can’t believe I did that.” than “I wish I had done that.”

I have formed the belief that although there are infinite paths one can take, there’s always one golden path which is the one that will lead to the most fulfillment. The paths are always changing and evolving since we’re co-creators and have the power of choice, but the Universe will always guide you to the path of your highest good. So that also means that the Universe will say “Go this way first through the thorn bushes because you have something to learn beforehand.”  

This is a topic I could write several posts about, but I want to keep this one short. I’m off to write a lesson plan for my TEFL course.

Talk soon ♥

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