Happy August!

Hi beautiful reader 💛🌾🌻  

We’re finally in the last stretch of summer. Whether or not it’s all in my head, I’ve been sensing hints of autumn’s arrival, even though the weather report shows highs of 100°F/37°C. Late summer is a really relieving time for me, which might sound odd to some people as they are going back to work and school, or getting their children ready for school. I find the golden light of the retreating sun and the warm tones so calming, yet energizing. Nature continues to bloom but for a final time until the following year. 

I have been doing a lot of introspection. That’s partly why my blog has been a little quiet. Summer is a time of rest for me, so I don’t have much going on or have the energy to do much. And generally, the heat is just really draining! I know it’s not good to always be in your own head and oftentimes it’s better to feel than think, specifically with creativity, but right now is a time when I need to work on solidifying my values, and then aligning my actions with those values.

Not much painting lately, but I reeeally needed to scrape the paint off of both sides of my palette. There was no room left! 😅

A couple of weeks ago I had the idea to start a habit tracker, but as I tend to overthink, I would never start one. I would get so wrapped up in how I would write it out and make it look that it would never actually materialize (I am still dealing with perfectionist tendencies – but I’m overcoming them!) One day, DreamyMoons announced a sale on her digital downloads, so I bought the print-at-home workbook and journal prompts. I think the Universe wanted me to buy them because the workbook has pages I need, such as a priority page, step-by-step goal page, and… a habit tracker!!! 

I’m so glad she filled some of it out, because it includes things I wouldn’t have added otherwise but are so beneficial for my mental, physical, and spiritual health. For example, I’ve been trying to make a habit of going on a morning walk, but as it’s too hot after 7:30, I’ve been slow to start because I wouldn’t wake up in time. Having the 15 min walk on the list gives me that push to wake up early and get outside, not only to establish a wonderful habit but also so I can mark off that day and see that I did it. 

There are lots of empty spaces, but I’m using this simply for what it is – to keep track. I am not using it to judge myself or create stress – in fact I started this to reduce stress. So far, it has been wonderful to help me create some structure and discipline, and I’ve really been enjoying using it!

I hope you have a lovely week! Talk soon 💚

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