A Step Towards Tiny Home Living

Hi beautiful reader! I hope your September is going well.

A few weeks ago, Joel and I went to a local tiny home builder’s open house event where we got to see two finished tiny homes and one in progress! It was so inspiring and exciting to step into a tiny home again, since the last time was 3-4 years ago. Back when Joel and I lived in Florida, we drove to a few tiny home builders to get an idea of what we wanted and who we wanted to build with. But believe it or not, after making our rounds I decided I didn’t even want to live in a tiny home anymore! I remember clearly being in a 24×8.6 and thinking “There’s no way I can live in this.” Little did I know that you can build them extra-wide, up to around 10.5 feet, which makes a massive difference!

Coupled with that, I’ve also embraced some aspects of minimalism since then, so I can absolutely see myself fitting all my belongings into a 28×10 home (and that’s not to mention also including a small separate shed for deconstructed furniture we don’t want to sell, tools, camping equipment, etc!)

8'6" x 24'
8'6" x 20'
Clearly very excited to be in a tiny home again 😸
10' x 36' (and a 6' tall handsome man)

I’m so excited to live in a tiny home! At the moment, it’s the best way for us to break out of rental life and invest in something that will always be ours. It aligns with our values of quality over quantity, simple living, and taking ownership and responsibility over our things. I’m not very patient when it comes to building and carpentry (I’m blaming it on my being a woman haha!) but I’m hoping I’ll enjoy the process of creating our own home when the time comes. I’d love to be able to say “I put those nails there, and the flooring, and those cabinets.”  

Let me know if you have any tiny home experience! Thank you for reading, talk soon 💚

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