Hi everyone, happy New Year and welcome back to my blog! I am really excited to be back to writing here and I look forward to what this Year of the Rabbit has to bring. 

I took the last year off from blogging because I didn’t have any creative energy at all. I had no desire to write, take pictures, draw/paint – everything! I think I needed to let some things sit on the back burner for a while so I could gather my wits and energy. I’ve recently been getting antsy which is a good sign, as it means I have my internal stove lit again even if it’s just glowing embers for the moment. 

2023 started off with the energy of “I’m getting shit done this year” haha! And here are a few reasons why:

I’ve been feeling frail and weak for at least a year, so Joel and I took advantage of the New Year’s sales and joined a gym! To be fair, we wanted to sign up last November but we decided to be cheap and wait for the sale. I was inspired to start weightlifting by Melanie Murphy and Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir, and I ended up finding a free 8 week workout plan created by a certified personal trainer and all-around badass called ‘Megsquats‘ (here is the plan I’m following , but I am customizing it to my preferences and not doing any deadlifts.) I must say I am SO grateful I have Joel there to help me use the machines and check my form. I would be terrified if I had to go alone! Actually, I still get nervous before we go haha. I’m not 100% used to it yet. But even after just a few weeks I’m already feeling the benefits of lifting 💪🏻 I’m excited to start seeing the real gains 😆 (also is it weird that I love the taste of protein powder?)

Last year I KonMari’d my apartment, but I didn’t get my digital space sorted and I still have lots of photos to delete and organize. And, Joel and I have some old tech that needs to be sent to recycling. There are also many more physical objects I’ve wanted to part with and as I’ve decluttered, my vision for my home and life becomes clearer. The energy feels so much more calm without unwanted possessions weighing me down. I want to make sure that when we’re ready to move, we don’t have to deal with decluttering on top of packing, which is already exhausting on it’s own!

I’m so hesitant to even say this next one because I am still fumbling around with the technical difficulties, but I’m going to say it and put the energy out there! I want to start making YouTube videos again. I’m thinking I could make short vlogs to accompany these blog posts, and maybe even start a gaming channel 👀 

My word for this year is “gain”. I want to gain confidence, courage, creativity, and self-compassion. I want to gain muscle, control over my emotional state, a clutter-free home, and discipline. I’ve been painstakingly shedding the layers of old lives and unwanted aspects of myself over the last several years, and still am, but now I’m ready to allow what is meant for me into my life and consciously create the life I want to live. Earlier I mentioned we’re in the Year of the Rabbit, which is one of my spirit animals and appear as good omens for me. This incredible synchronicity gives me further hope that this will be a positively abundant year. 

Honestly, it was a little difficult to get back into writing here and I had to stop myself from rambling! It isn’t an artistic post, but I see it as more of a catch-up 😊 I hope the start of your year is what you hoped it would be, and if it wasn’t, know it’s just one month out of your entire life, and you still have plenty of time to make it beautiful.

Julia 💚

Now for a mini photo dump!

Joel and I love watching the extended LOTR movies in December!

Writing my first “morning pages” suggested by Julia Cameron!

New Years Day sunrise


An excellent January read


Believe it or not, I took this in the beginning of January, and now on Feb 1st there’s loads of ice and snow outside!

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