Chocolate Buns | Chokladbullar

Ever since I got the ScandiKitchen Fika & Hygge cookbook, I can’t make any other desserts. I have been obsessed with it and I love the little bits of Scandinavian culture spread throughout the book! 

So far I’ve made the
cinnamon buns | kanelbullar
Swedish scones | Svenska scones
hazelnut and mocha squares | fragilité
honey cake | honningkage
orange and ginger buiscuts | apelsinpepparkakor

They're trying to hypnotize me. It's working.
It looked like one big sushi roll! 😄

I overbaked them by 2 minutes and I will increase the amount of chocolate filling next time, but otherwise they came out so good! I am so excited to make more from the book. I get the feeling that it’s going to take me close to two years to make and perfect all 60 of the recipes, but I am okay with that! 😸

It feels pretty awesome to be able to say “I’m a baker”, like I could totally bribe you with simply homemade cookies. Oh and of course I love being able to make delicious wholesome things for myself and Joel, and one day my children 😄 

Thank you so much for reading! Talk soon ♥


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