Summer Moments

Hi everyone 💚 I have a bunch of photos I took over the summer but couldn’t think of a way to get them into blog posts, so I decided to just make this a “photo dump” haha. It’s been really hard to get outside because of the (very normal) Texas heat, so there aren’t many pictures with me in them. Most are just quick moments I noticed that felt peaceful or looked beautiful. 
As I’ve also mentioned in previous posts, I don’t have a lot of energy right now so being able to just put all the pictures here in no particular order and without a lot of writing is ideal right now!

My handsome man ❤️ This is such a beautiful candid photo
Pastel dusk
Me being super proud of myself for assembling our new huge and very heavy desk/gaming chair from Vertagear!
The sun looks so beautiful shining through the trees in the morning
A rainbow in the fountain!
A fantastic book haul from Half Price Books during their 4th of July sale!
This might seem like a random photo, but I noticed how pretty the sunlight looked on the wall and felt the urge to snap a picture

I think that’s all for now. Thank you for stopping by!

Sending lots of love!
Julia 💚

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