I Entered a Singing Contest!


Last month I did something I’ve never done before – I participated in a singing contest! One of my favorite bands called Blackbriar held it on their Discord server, and the top three winners got some prizes. 
This year I decided I want to start seriously putting myself out there, and so I took the contest as a clear sign that this was my opportunity to really step outside my comfort zone 😅 To be honest, I am not competitive and I don’t even like contests, but I decided to see this as an opportunity to let myself be heard rather than trying to win something. And let me tell you, I was not even close to winning haha. The person who got third place had 25 votes, and I think I had 8 😆 if you join their Discord server you can hear all 38 entries! I loved hearing fellow fans sing it in their own way. Mine is #20 🙊

It took me nearly a month to gather the courage to finally send my recording. I kept messing up, or I just didn’t like how it sounded, or my voice wasn’t up for it that day. But two days before the deadline I had to say “this is good enough!” And I am happy with how it turned out!

I really enjoy singing (while home alone!) but it is not one of my strongest areas. On top of that, the song we had to sing was really difficult… in fact all of Blackbriar’s songs are difficult! 

How do you do this singing thing??? Also that's a hand towel on my mic haha

I was told as a child that bad singing runs in the family. I heard stories of relatives singing at church and having to constantly change octaves because they couldn’t sing too high. For a really long time I believed that singing was not something I should do or try until just about a year ago when I started singing at home while I was alone, and I found it really enjoyable and made me feel like I was exercising my throat chakra. Isn’t it crazy how things we’re told as children can end up influencing our choices as adults? Now I’m encouraging my inner child to come out and play without worrying about being instantly “good” at things.

Pretending to sing 😅

I hope this gives you a little inspiration to do the scary thing you’ve been thinking about. The thing you know will make you super happy once you just say feck it and take the leap. If can sing into a towel-covered mic with no talent or experience, you can certainly do some crazy stuff too 😊 Sending so much love! I’ll talk to you soon 💙

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