First Time in Austin

After nearly two years of living in TX, Joel and I finally ventured outside of Dallas and took the drive south to Austin. He had two days off in a row, so we took advantage of it and explored around the city (/^o^)/

Mckinney Falls State Park. Sharing a moment with a beautiful 500+ year old bald cypress.
Mount Bonnel
My first time seeing bluebonnets. I'm officially a Texan.
State capitol building

Hiking ✔ Mexican food ✔ Saw bluebonnets ✔ Visited the state capitol building ✔ Did touristy shite ✔

The Airbnb also had a bookshelf with two books that I think the Universe really wants me to read 😅 Wild by Cheryl Strayed, and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson. It’s just so strange because Wild is about a 26 year old woman – my age – who solo hiked over a thousand miles. Meanwhile my life goal is to backpack through Europe, starting in Northern Italy and ending in the Arctic Circle in Sweden. As for the other book, the Universe said “you give a fuck about too many things so here’s a little help with that.” or something along those lines. 

Another really fortuitous thing is that I made a new friend who I’ll be visiting next month. I’m going to bake cookies so I can bribe him into taking me back to Mckinney Falls 😸

Thank you for reading, I’ll talk to you soon ♥


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