New Year’s Eve

2020. The year of clarity, perfect vision. 

It was a challenging year for many, but I hope you can make peace with it and close this chapter for the new one to come.

I’m going to write what I just wrote in my journal yesterday, since I think I worded it well.

“This may very well be my last journal entry of 2020. It was a full moon yesterday so I think it is a good time to write my final bits of the year. This has been the most transformational year yet for me. In all good ways. I am no longer in part-time work and I have had so much time to sort things out, meaning I’ve for the first time in my life have had the ability to ask myself what it is I really want. For my entire life, my decisions have been made for me by parents, teachers, managers. This year, from the beginning of April, I was actually able to do what I wanted, or at least figure it out. I grew more this year than any other. This year I:

• decided to work on making choices out of love and not guilt
• realized my perfectionist tendencies and worked on eliminating them
• learned it’s okay to just be, and that I don’t have to constantly be productive or busy
• realized I don’t need to/am not obligated to continue doing something if it no longer aligns with my current path”

I feel in my soul that I’ve grown and have become more comfortable listening to my heart. I don’t have a “career” or a degree, and I still have a lot of old thought patterns to unravel. But I am the happiest I’ve ever been, and I feel confident in my decision making skills because I’ve become so much more tuned in to myself. 

Joel and I have so much planned for next year, but the road ahead is shrouded in mystery. I am so excited for it though, I long for the adventure. 

I hope you have an amazing New Year! Also, I wanted to say something else. Don’t force yourself to celebrate a certain way just because it’s what you see on social media. If cuddling up on the couch in your hyggebukser with some mac and cheese would make you the most happy, then that is the best way to celebrate 😌

Take care ♥

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