A Frosty February

February began with a gentle coating of snow, covering everything like a soft blanket. Because shops were closed, it was unusually quiet outside since no one was driving. I hadn’t realized how much I needed the silence until then. It was soothing and refreshing to step outside and not hear the rush of traffic. It was the sound of winter. 

Naturally, the snow here in north Texas is fleeting. But when the temperature begins to slowly rise, everything looks like it has been doused in liquid silver from all the ice. It is so beautiful and one of my favorite parts of winter! Seeing the bright sun illuminate the silvery world is mesmerizing. I tried to capture some photos but my camera is a little old and couldn’t pick up the details 🥲

I hope that even now at the end of winter, you’re still finding moments of magic to enjoy before the spring arrives. Thank you for reading! Also, Happy Valentine’s Day! 💖

Hugs, Julia 

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