Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to pop on and wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! It was a lovely quiet day with dense food and good anime.

The flowers and jar are secondhand 👍🏻

I made some things for the first time – stuffing, roast chicken, and berry crisp! My mom gave me the stuffing recipe that has been passed down for a couple of generations, but I changed the measurements a bit and made it with my own taste, and it came out amazing, so aromatic and herbal. As for the chicken, I accidentally roasted it upside-down! 😹 Joel and I had a good laugh when he noticed. Although I was told afterward that it’s good for keeping the breast meat moist 😄 It wasn’t bad for my first roast! The next time I make the berry crisp, I’ll have to strain out the seeds, since it was a bit crunchy. Classic stuffed artichoke also graced the table, as well as warm spiced apple cider.

Blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry crisp

Thank you for reading, take care ♥

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