Last Days of Autumn

This autumn arrived slowly and lingers still. Today I started putting out the winter decorations, and the weather has finally cooled down for the remainder of the season, so in a few days all the autumn decor will be taken down and winter will officially have begun for me. 

Beautiful trees at the park

I have to keep reminding myself to enjoy this moment. Right now, it’s calm, I have a lot of down time, and I can really take in everything. I know at some point in the future I’ll look back at this moment and think how I wish I could just have only a couple of things going on instead of a hundred. But the funny thing is that I know by then, the Universe will have made it so I can handle it all. I’ll continue to grow and be able to withstand more. 

A leaf bigger than my face!

Winter is my favorite time. I keep fantasizing about walking through forests blanketed with snow and taking ice baths in a lake. And that’s when I have to bring myself back to the present otherwise I’d keep myself up until 4am with excitement! 

Talk soon ♥

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