Powerful Dreams

Lately I’ve been having really powerful and meaningful dreams. I have had three dreams this month that have been insane for lack of a better word. It’s because they have held such heavy weight to them – you know the dreams where you just know the Universe communicated directly to you in the way you would understand completely. I’ve come to the personal realization that the Universe will never send a message or dream that I couldn’t interpret. However I decode the dream or message is right. 

A sunset photo I took in December 2019

In one of my dreams I was wearing a beautiful white dress and walking through the forest while taking photos and shooting videos. Actually, one of my real-life dreams is to be able to go out into nature everyday and immerse myself in photography. Essentially just being outside and being creative. Then, I remember coming to a clearing where there were hundreds of yellow tulips. I always look into dream meanings to get a more rounded take on the meaning behind elements of my dream, and overall it was a message of happier times to come, sooner than I think. There was more to the dream, but it would take a long time to explain it all since I am very detail oriented in that regard. 

I’ve written down my dreams along with what I think they mean so I don’t forget. I’ve been meaning to start a dream journal, actually, so I think now is a good time to start. 

Sometimes dreams can really just be super weird and random and not life guidance, but if we are open to the signs then we’ll know which ones are meant to be interpreted. 

I hope you have a wonderful March and I’ll talk to you soon ♥

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