Permission To Not Be Productive

Last year, I read an incredible quote from the book Don’t Keep Your Day Job by Cathy Heller;

 “Joy is enough of an excuse for being.” – Martha Beck

Reading that was so life-changing, because up until that point I would feel stressed and anxious if I wasn’t always doing something productive, or if I wasn’t always working towards a goal of some sort. I would feel guilty for eating ice cream and playing Skyrim, when in reality those things are feckin awesome. 

It can be easy to feel like sitting and watching the sunset or enjoying a hot drink while listening to the rain isn’t worthwhile or beneficial, but to me those moments hold just as much weight as the productive ones.

If we simply look to nature, we’ll realize how crazy it is to think that we should “live life in full bloom”. Winter shows us that rest is necessary. Sometimes the need for rest is unexpected and not always predictable like the seasons are, but they are essential all the same. 

I know very well that forcing myself relentlessly to do something is not worthwhile and is almost always a waste of time. Sometimes, you do just need to put your head down and work, or get some chores done, but there are circumstances when I just need to walk away from the task because forcing the situation will take longer than doing it when I’m in a better mindset. 

I hope you have the courage to give yourself time to rest. Thank you for reading, I’ll talk to you soon 💚

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