For the First Time in a Long Time

For several months, an idea had been quietly sitting in the back of my mind, gradually slipping into more thoughts throughout the day while my excuses not to do it became more and more unreasonable. It’s something I’ve wanted to pursue since autumn of 2019. 

I wanted to make a video. So, on Midsummer morning I took the initiative to film while Joel and I were at the nature preserve and make a short video for Instagram!

It’s actually been two and a half years since I filmed and edited a video, and it felt so right to do again. I had so much fun during the whole process and it ignited my creativity in a way I haven’t felt in a long time. I’d love to get out and film more, even if it’s just for short videos like this. Next time, I’ll use my camera instead of my phone haha. 

I hope you enjoy! Talk soon 💚

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