Hi beautiful reader, I hope you’re doing well.

Recently, I noticed that many people are going through a deeply transformative time. All of my favorite YouTubers have spoken about it, actually (Jonna, Leena. Christine). In my case, I am stepping into a new phase of my life, one in which the last year of personal development has prepared me for. It is both exhilarating and scary, but I’ve learned to embrace both the good and bad feelings. 

Kalle Flodin said something really powerful in a recent video which resonated so much that it put tears in my eyes: “A lot of things are tough in life, and there’s going to be a lot of crises, and that’s not too bad. I think when a crises shows up in life, it’s coming to you for a reason basically. So even though it’s really hard, and you might be really sad or depressed or frustrated, but if that’s the case try to embrace the crisis I would say. Because that’s when stuff really does happen in life.” Seeing it written out of context might look strange, but he’s one of my favorite people online and the video he said that in was so moving. I highly recommend watching it. 

A little over a month ago I got a real sense that I need to recalibrate my inner and outer world. I really stepped outside of my comfort zone in the last couple of months and it has been both rewarding and challenging, but the overall heightened energy has brought an increase in masculine energy within me. I am feeling now that I need to soften and bring my feminine energy back into alignment. 

After going out a lot and meeting new people, I feel that things are starting calm down a little. I’ve started to develop boundaries for myself to protect my time and energy, and I’ve started to gain a clearer idea of the next steps I want to take. I can feel that I’m starting to breathe a little deeper and slow down, but like an arrow that is being slowly drawn back, ready to be launched toward the target. 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a beautiful week. Talk soon ♥


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