Snow At Last

Hey everybody! Believe it or not, snow is outside my apartment as I write this. I woke up two days ago to a white enchantment completed with a sky that looked like a soft grey blanket from horizon to horizon. The snow came down pretty heavily at one point in the day which was not an ideal time to go on a walk because the ice kept getting in my eyes! 😅 I took the fleeting opportunity to take some pictures of the beautiful ice covering everything.

Ice man 😄

After coming back inside and thawing my fingers, I thought it was the perfect time to sit down with some decaf coffee, my favorite homemade earl grey cardamom cookies, and Bella Grace Magazine 💙 

Phone picture after my camera battery died 😸

The next day, the sky was the complete opposite of how it was the day before. It was really clear out and super sunny, which made the trees look like the were doused with liquid silver. It was so magical I almost couldn’t believe my eyes! I feel like my camera couldn’t fully capture the true essence of how brilliant the trees shone in the sunlight. 

With the sunshine came melting – and icy ground. It took me around 10 minutes standing at the steps to gather the courage to go out on a walk because the ground was really slippery in a lot of parts. I am so glad I was brave enough to risk slipping because I got amazing photos, and got to take in the amazing new environment while it’s here. 

When the sun started setting, it looked like the trees were flecked with copper, which made it magical on a whole ‘nother level. I tried to edit this picture so you can see what I mean, but like I said the nature was just too beautiful for my camera to capture. 

When my camera battery died I took this last shot with my phone

To be honest, I am really sad about the snow already melting. I feel as though it is literally dampening my spirit, because all day today I was moody and down, my energy lessening every time I saw melting snow fall off the roof across the street. Last year, we got at least a week of snow before it started melting (although, I have to admit I am grateful we didn’t suffer frozen pipes this year). 
There have also been other reasons why I’ve been pessimistic today. In the last week and a half, I’ve been going on daily walks to improve my sleep and practice my sisu, but I’ve quickly grown bored of the same route and same scenery. I live in an apartment sandwiched between a busy main road and a suburb development, so I can’t go anywhere on foot that isn’t surrounded by people, buildings, cars, and noise. I can even hear traffic when I’m at my local nature preserve. I tune it out at best, but at worst is days like today where I feel stifled. I don’t feel alone in feeling this way after hearing the stories of Leena Henningsen, Kalle Flodin, Christine Kjær, Jonna Jinton and many others who felt exactly as I do now when they lived in the city. 
I almost didn’t include all this in the post because I thought it would weigh it down, but I don’t want to put on a façade and pretend that I’m always happy. Today, I didn’t go on a walk and I didn’t do my daily yoga. Instead, I worked on this post, baked cookies, and played Skyrim and Genshin Impact. 

I am grateful it snowed here at all this year. It is a gift. I will let these emotions come and go and lighter emotions will take their place. Until then I will just let it be what it is. 

I hope you’re having a wonderful day or night and that you enjoyed your Imbolc if you celebrated. We’ll talk soon 💙

Julia 💙

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