Winter Thoughts

North Texas, just like much of the northern hemisphere, has been overtaken by winter’s strength. A few weeks ago we got a light dusting of snow that melted away within the hour, and I thought that would be the only snow I saw until next season. But winter came back with so much power and I am so happy about it. 

It has been so wonderful seeing the bright white snow everywhere. I almost can’t believe my eyes. It makes me ache even more to move up north and live fully in the quiet winter forests. 

I often think I have a ‘winter soul’ since summer is my least favorite season and winter is my most favorite. But I can’t help but wonder how much of that is influenced by the fact that I grew up in Florida and only lived in a cold climate for 3 years. I hear from people who live in places like Canada that it is a much different experience when you have to shovel snow, scrape your windshield, chop wood, etc. But since I am so stubborn, even knowing that winter is not for the weak doesn’t make me want it any less. I just recently watched The Matrix for the first time, and one of my favorite lines is when Morpheus says, “knowing the path is different than walking the path.” So it makes me think a little more deeply about the things I want in general. Do I really want it or do I just like the idea of it? And when I think of it in those terms, I really do think I’m drawn to winter for a reason, not just for the aesthetics. I could go even deeper about it though – such as do I feel more resilient in winter because I feel a deep connection to my northern European heritage, which in turn helps me bear the cold more? Does the wild blooming energy of spring and summer overwhelm my sensitive soul? I think it all plays a part. 

Last year, I got a new winter parka thinking I probably wouldn’t get the chance to use it until Joel and I moved north, but oh man I am so glad I have it now! It’s the Fjällräven Nuuk parka and it’s so warm and functional. Although, my snow boots have failed me haha. I haven’t worn them since I lived in New York at least 5 years ago, so I had no idea that they wouldn’t stay dry. Joel and I had to leave after about 20 minutes since my boots got completely damp, which made my feet feel a mixture of aching pain and numbness. It became more and more difficult to walk as the seconds passed. As soon as we got into the car I pulled my boots off and let my feet thaw on the ride home 😅 Thankfully I have another pair of winter boots, so I’m REALLY hoping they can hold up to the snow. I want to enjoy this snow before it melts away next week!

I’m so grateful that the power hasn’t gone out here. I’ve been hearing of power outages all around my area, and although it is still definitely a possibility, I am really glad that we have heat and can cook. The pipes have been frozen since last night though, so the dishes are piling up. But it’s nothing we can’t manage.

I hope that you’re having a wonderful – or at least tolerable – wintertime! Thank you for reading and I’ll talk to you soon! ♥ Stay warm ♥

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