Having the Courage to Cut My Own Curtain Bangs!

My hair decisions almost always occur on a whim, and I have never regretted anything I’ve done so far! From a razored & flat ironed blue and pink streaked scene cut, to a blonde pixie, to long non-heat styled black hair, I loved all of it. Not straying off my trend, this latest style choice was made the night beforehand 😄 

I had been wanting a change, but I didn’t know exactly what yet. For years I never considered bangs because my previous (wonderful and well-meaning) hairstylist in Florida told me they wouldn’t work because of how big my hair is.
Yet curtain bangs popped into my mind, and so I went onto Pinterest to see how other curly women were wearing it. I was amazed at how beautiful they looked and was so inspired and excited about it that I went onto YouTube to see how I could do it myself. I found a detailed video from Brad Mondo, watched it carefully, and the next day I brought my laptop into the bathroom to follow along and a short time later I had a whole new look!

I absolutely love the hair stylist I have now, but I just went in about a month ago and I didn’t want to wait another month or so for her to cut it haha, so I hope she doesn’t think I did too bad of a job! 

I followed Brad's instructions so carefully that I actually used a ruler to measure the depth of my part 😅

I not only took a leap with the bangs, but I also didn’t think I had the best face shape for a middle part. But after doing some research, I realized it was silly of me to believe that, and I actually think it looks better this way! 
I’m really glad I hung onto my curling wand even though I haven’t used it in years. I’d actually planned on selling it but whew, I’m thankful I procrastinated on that! My hair now needs a little more maintenance, so once a week after washing it I curl my bangs a little. But I love and embrace messy hair so they don’t always need to look how they do in these photos.

If you have any spontaneous hair stories, I’d love to hear it in the comments! Thank you for reading, I’ll talk to you soon! 💚🌲

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