A Moment of Gold

Everyday around 6:17pm, the setting sun reflects off the building windows across the street and casts the most beautiful orange light into my apartment. It only lasts for about 10 minutes, so I like to stop what I’m doing to watch the luminescent sun beams come and go. It always makes me feel so peaceful and wrapped in calm energy. Yet, at the same time it makes me feel excited, adventurous, and a pinch nostalgic. I remember back when Joel and I lived in the shed in Florida, we would walk along the creek behind the yard during the sunset hours and have long conversations. It was the only time of day we could enjoy being outdoors since the heat had calmed down a bit. We would see owls, rabbits, and once we even saw an otter. Dainty wildflowers grew in abundance along the creek’s edge, as well as tall stinging nettles. This light reminds me of those times when I felt as close to the real me as I could in the midst of depression. 

After adding this photo, I noticed the sunlight was much warmer than the other photos. I wonder what made it look different that day.

It gives me a feeling of serene or subdued excitement, and a childlike sense of wonder. 

Thank you for stopping by, I’ll talk to you soon ♥

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