Cozy Winter Day

Hi everyone!

It’s almost midnight as I write this. I don’t know how but my sleep schedule has gotten so wonky. During the day I just feel so sleepy and only now do I want to do things! I sleep plenty and don’t drink coffee past noon.

Winter in Texas 7
My hair wouldn't fit in my hood 😹
Winter in Texas 6

The weather today was a high of 48F/9C! Joel and I took advantage of the first proper cold day of the season and went to the nearby park. The sky looked like a big cozy grey blanket the whole day. I love being out in the cold because it’s so invigorating, it makes me feel so alive! Like my whole body is really working to stay warm and keep the blood flowing. Give me winter over summer any day. While we were there we took some beautiful greenery from a tree to decorate with. I finally replaced the autumn flowers I had out and placed the greenery around on shelves. It feels so cozy and wintery now. 

We found a fairy door!
Winter in Texas 5
Putting greenery on the acorn hanging I made

We stopped at a ramen place for lunch! Every once in a few months we will get food from a restaurant. I love to cook and bake at home so eating out is rare for us. I like knowing what I’m eating, and I like being able to control the quality of the ingredients I’m using. But we figure we may as well enjoy some places around us now before we move to the woods! 😸 

Winter in Texas 3

Our last stop was a beautiful Scandinavian shop called The Wooden Spoon. I found it online a little over a month ago and I immediately put it on my “Winter list”. It’s run by two lovely ladies and it’s filled with so many lovely things from Scandinavia. Of course, I walked out with a cookbook! Funnily enough, I had saved this book on my Pinterest book board a little over a week ago! It was meant to be 😊

Fika & Hygge by Brontë Aurell
The Wooden Spoon is in the oldest house in Plano!

Thank you for reading! Talk to you soon! ♥  

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