Heat Wave in the Shire


Hi everyone and happy July! I hope you’re enjoying summer so far. I’m still trying to do my best with embracing the season for what it is, but I noticed that I subconsciously started slowly retreating back into my shell a little. In my video caption I wrote “It is BLAZING here in north Texas. Outdoor activities are on hold until probably September. Until then I will be holed up with books and cold drinks.” which is exactly the opposite of what I said I would do in my last blog post 😅

Whenever I see lists of fun activities to do during the summer, they usually include picnics, bike rides, beach days, nature walks, camping, and lots of other outdoor things. So I made this short video as a lighthearted way to cope with the crazy heat and to hopefully reach others who are also dealing with super hot weather. I hope it makes you smile! PS – 100F is about 38C! I probably should have included that little conversion in my video, hehe 😅

Thank you for reading, we’ll talk soon! Julia 💚

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