Turning 27

A week ago on September 1st, I celebrated my 27th birthday! On the days leading up to my birthday I took some time to read journal entries from this time last year and it was encouraging to see how much I’ve grown and improved. But really, I don’t feel any older! 
I am really grateful to have lived another year. It’s kind of like my own personal new year celebration 😁 Also, does anyone else have a two week long birthday? Or is it just me? 😄 

biscuit French toast, can you believe it 🤤

Joel and I did a few things to celebrate. On the Monday before my birthday, we went to get lunch at a place called The Biscuit Bar, which is what I would call gourmet biscuit sandwiches and the like. It was seriously delicious! Afterwards, we went to a place I’ve been dying to go to for months – a cat cafe! It’s a cat rescue and adoption service where you can pay to spend an hour with the cats. Inside, there are themed rooms such as Game of Thrones, space, and tropical so the cats have different environments to go in. They all get to run around and play, so it was paradise for me haha! At the front was a beautiful black cat with green eyes that ignored me the whole time but I wanted to take it home so much 😹 Being there was the fastest hour of my whole life but it was so much fun. I haven’t pet a cat in a really long time, so I felt like my heart recharged a bit 😊

This cat was missing it's front left fang, and so it had a permanent blep face 😍😹

This year, I wanted to buy a cake instead of making one. I love baking, but I hadn’t been sleeping well and was really tired every day, and I wanted my birthday to be as relaxing as possible. So, in the morning we went to Whole Foods and got their amazing chocolate cake from the bakery! It looks small, but it’s so rich that it lasted 6 days because a small slice is enough. Besides, it was this or their huge cake and that would have been sitting in the fridge for a month haha. I don’t want to admit it, but their chocolate frosting is better than mine 😅 I’m going to have to figure out how to make mine as good! And, since having this I can’t eat chocolate cake without sprinkles now haha 😄

The frosting flowers are even in my favorite colors (when it comes to flowers) 😊

Joel had to work on my birthday, so after Whole Foods and having The Biscuit Bar (again haha) I talked to my dad on the phone and took a 3 hour nap. When I woke up it was dinner time and I made one of my favorites – baked ham and cheese sliders on sweet Hawaiian rolls! I also used my birthday as an excuse to get my favorite soda, the Flying Broomstick Butterscotch Beer (non alc). I like to get it on special occasions 😊 To make it even better, I watched a few episodes of a new favorite anime of mine, Snow White with the Red Hair!

It was yet another incredible birthday, a two year streak now of quiet and relaxation with my love. I can certainly get used to these simple, calm birthdays. 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a wonderful week 💚

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